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committee oversight hearing on amtrak and the title of today's hearing is getting back on track, a review of amtrak's structural reorganization. so, welcome and we have one panel of witnesses today. the order of business will be that i will start with an opening statement, provide some background and we will yield to mr. cummings this morning and other members who wish to be heard and then we will turn to our witnesses and hear from all of them and then go to questions. pleased to welcome everyone this morning. now, this is one of a number. we have actually helped for in a series of four oversight hearings on amrak and u.s. passenger rail policy and the united states. we actually have two more scheduled. one will be on thursday, december 3 and that will focus on high-speed and intercity passenger rail grant program and then we have the final hearing on this important subject thursday the 13th of december. that will be on the northeast corridor. ironically yesterday i was back in new york city actually looking at some of the flood and storm damage. many of the transportation infrastructure
the health care a lot of potential hurdles in state courts. >> amtrak's inspector general said that by improving its invoice process, amtrak has discovered $20 million of overpayment rate the comments came during a hearing on amtrak's reorganization plan. this is a little less than two hours. >> washington worked its way up, and then he went to harvard law school. and then one of his brothers immigrated out west illinois to galena, illinois. he arrived after about a month's journey by ship and stagecoach and trained. and he arrived on steamboat in the smutty mining town. they established a law practice in a log cabin. he became a very successful lawyer in galen. he ran for congress for four terms. then he befriended abraham lincoln, obviously from illinois. and then ulysses s. grant, also from galen. as they were on the rise, washburn was a close colleague during the civil war. and after grant was elected president, he initially appointed washington the secretary of state, and at that time, washburn became very ill and his family feared for his life. after 10 days, he cemented
satellite corp. 2012] >> we are pleased to conduct this full committee oversight hearing on amtrak and today -- the title of today's hearing is getting back on track, a review of amtrak's structural reorganization. so welcome and we'll have -- we have one panel of witnesses today. and the order of business will be that i will start with an opening statement, provide some background, and will yield to mr. cummings this morning, and other members who wish to be heard, then we'll turn to our witnesses. we'll hear from all of them and then go to questions. pleased to welcome, again, everyone this morning. now, this is one of a number, we have actually held fourth in a series of full committee oversight hearings on amtrak and u.s. passenger rail policy in the united states. we actually have two more scheduled. one will be on thursday, december 3, and that will focus on high speed and inner city passenger rail grant program. and then we'll have the final hearing on this important subject. thursday, the 13th of december, and that will be on the northeast corridor. ironically yesterday i was back in
phil and fresno. >> okay. how is it going to interact with the current amtrak system? >> for an interim period of time, the amtrak system will use the tracks until we get the connect to l.a. and the bay area, making it then profitable. >> uh-huh. >> the amtrak will use the tracks between bakersfield and fresno. >> okay and there is a hoof speed rail conference happening in l.a. in december. >> yeah. >> and on their website, they have the map of what the plan is. california's not doing bad. we're in the beginning of this and eventually, everything is going to be up and running hopefully or get going by 20:30 in the nation. >> i'm speaking at the conditions. >> what are you going to tell them? >> keep it up. >> what is the focus? >> there are 13 high-speed corridors in the nation. we're not by ourselves. two in the northeast quarter and in florida, texas, chicago, st. louis and california. we're the most advanced of all of those. >> okay. >> we're showing them how to do it. thank you for being here and giving us the update. i look forward to getting on the train. soon. >> okay, in the mea
'm harry chickma. >> new york city, newark, big destinations for amtrak. is amtrak able to run through penn station into new york yet? >> reporter: right now, we have not confirmed that. only dealing with the new jersey transit lines. i haven't heard anything about amtrak. not a good sign. needless to say, the city still is in turmoil with so much work to do, and the fact we have the northeast corridor train, a major improve, but commuters very disappointed. want to get back on the trains, back to work. no word on amtrak, but only one new jersey transit rail running this morning, back to you. >> harry chickma, back to you. >>> the coast guard has called off the search for a captain of a boat that sank off the coast of north carolina. crews have stopped searching for 63-year-old robin baldridge. sandy flew an 18-foot wave at the vessel. and 14 were pulled from the water. one later died. it was used in several movies. >>> you can help people by joining nbc for a night of entertainment. hurricane sandy, coming together will air tonight on the networks of nbc universal. bruce spring screen, jon
york there are some signs of progress. parts of the subway is running today. amtrak will star running trains in and out of new york on friday. >> on tuesday cynthia lopez was working with a tree removal company when the huge tree fell right on top of her. -- a tree fell right on top of him. >> i think he has children. >> there appears to be an accident the health and occupational safety department is reviewing the incident. sandy is responsible for 74 deaths nationwide. nobody in d.c. has been killed so far. >> coming up, a worry for those who work >> welcome back. it is 4:07 ran out. >> it is 46 degrees. a little warmer than yesterday. our air is dry air, which means it will allow a little more sunshine and trying to peak in today. we have 40 at dulles. gaithersburg at 43 degrees at this hour. we still have a lot of cloudiness. we are in the upper level pattern that will keep us in this cloudiness pattern. this is still the remnants from sandy. it will slowly and gradually improve again. a mix of sunshine and clouds. high temperatures between 52 and 58 degrees. that is a good 5-10 de
at this hour. but it is a much different story as far as amtrak is concerned. trains north of newark, new jersey will not be restored until at least monday. this, as the entire travel industry tries to get back to normal. >> now that sandy has passed and people are trying to get back to normal, amtrak is probably having the most trouble as it tracks remain flooded and damage in and north of new york. there is modified service, meaning you can get as far as newark, new jersey. that is good news for this woman trying to get back to queen's. >> no trains to new york until monday. that is not the word i want to use right now. >> there were some minor blips' with baltimore's cruise terminal. passengers said to leave on the enchantment of the seas can get a voucher for their crews or take a cruise to nowhere up the chesapeake bay and out to sea for a day. >> most of us just wanted to relax and do nothing. we got what we wanted to do. >> he was one of about 12 underpass in jersey took a cruise and said writing out sandy was just fine. >> the captain did a wonderful job. when we were anchored, yo
what is happening in new york and new jersey and tell you what amtrak is doing to get back on the tracks. >> d.c. businesses could face fines for wasting air- conditioning. >> cloudy and chilly, a few sprinkles. longing for some sunshine? i will man: to some people, social security is jujust a number. but to me, it's money that i earned. i count on and i don't want washington politicians like george allen... privatizing it. if george allen wants to risk his own money on wall street... that's fine. but i don't want him risking mine. george allen just isn't watching out for us. anncr: the democratic senatorial campaign committee is... responsible for the content of this advertising. [ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney would ban all abortions and contraception seemed a bit extreme. so i looked into it. turns out, romney doesn't oppose contraception at in fact, he thinks abortion should be an option in cases of rape, incest, or to save a mother's life. this issue's important to me but i'm more concerned about the debt our children will b
numbers. >>> word tonight from amtrak that service will be limited tomorrow between washington, new york, and boston. amtrak is telling passengers to make reservations by telephone or online to avoid sold-out trains and long lines at ticket counters. crews are still repairing damage caused by the storm last week. >>> a family trip turns into a tragedy after a toddler falls more than a dozen feet to his death at the zoo. >>> and the big walk in d.c. today to raise awareness for the number one cancer killer in the united states. >>> zoo officials in pittsburgh are promising a full investigation after a tragedy there this morning a. 3-year-old boy died after falling 13 feet into an exhibit of endangered wild dogs. the animals attacked him before keepers could get all of them away. the zoo says it's not sure if the boy died from the fall or attack. there were 11 dogs in the exhibit, one of them had to be killed. >>> few details tonight in a deadly shooting overnight in southeast d.c. someone called police around 2:15 this morning to report gunshots here. police found a 19-year-old man dead i
cents from about a month ago. talking trains, amtrak adding extra cars to its trains for the thanksgiving holiday. amtrak and capital corridor trains will all have those extra cars. >>> we're also following breaking news out of the middle east. an overnight explosion on a bus in downtown tel aviv has sent dozens to the hospital now, threatening to derail any of the talks over there. an already shaky cease-fire between israel and hamas. secretary of state hillary clinton is also in the middle east trying to help out with those talks. and the white house keeping a very close eye. nbc's daniel lee has new details this morning from washington. >> reporter: the smoldering bus is the latest scene violence in israel. officials say at least ten people were injured in the attack. this, after a series of explosions lit up the gaza sky overnight. the latest israeli air strikes are proof israeli prime minister netanyahu is not backing down without a cease-fire. already more than 100 rockets poured towards israel. now soldiers are standing by, ready for a ground invasion, targetin
name between amtrak -- amtrak train and pedestrian near 105th and eve avenue the victim was pronounced dead at the scene amtrak train was en route from sacramento san jose, 160 onboard none of them were injured. the victim has not been identified. >>> new level of violence in the mideast this morning a devastating explosion on a bus in tel aviv. this comes as secretary of state clinton is on overdrive meeting with israeli and hamas leaders to stop the blood schett. -- the bloodshed. >> reporter: the bus explosion just breaking, israel's deputy prime minister is calling it an escalation in the conflict. the bomb went off on the bus across from the military headquarters in tel aviv. cnn is reporting it was not a suicide bombing that someone left the device on the bus. hamas is not claiming responsibility, but is praising the attack. israeli rescue services says at least 10 injured, three critically. missiles continue to fly between israel and gaza, the death toll in gaza keeps rising, more than 130 palestinians have been killed. still, both israeli and hamas leaders say they would welcom
. live in leesburg, pat collins, news4. >>> a d.c. man who claims he placed bombs that targeted amtrak trains is going to prison. michael dennis pled guilty in august admitting he called amtrak two different times claiming he put a bomb at the new york avenue bridge near union station. amtrak delayed trains because of those calls and a judge sentenced dennis to 20 months in prison, a $5,000 fine, community service and some counseling. >>> we're just getting started on news4 at 5:00 tonight. plans for the inauguration already coming together. so will it be a huge transportation challenge? >>> it looks like flooding from a hurricane, but it's one massive water main break in charm city. >>> voters approver same-sex marriage for maryland. chris gordon looks at how people in prince george's county voted for question 6, and what is up next. stay with us. >>> starting on january 1st, new year's day, gay marriage will be legal if maryland. voters approved ballot 6 and the issue brought out strong beliefs on both sides. news4's chris gordon spoke to people who fought for and against same-sex ma
an amtrak train across the tracks. the virginia state police say the po-year-old drove on to the track yesterday evening as the train was approaching. he was hit and died at the scene. no one on the train was injured. >>> the tsa confirmed a troubling weakness in our nation's airport security and, if exploited, it could make it easier for passengers to take the dangerous items on board. he's more on the story. >> reporter: hackers discovered the bar code on domestic airlines boarding pass can be manipulated to access the tsas reduced security screening line. >> by using a readily available bar code tool, can you a-- read of that bar code. can you take that thin string of data, alter it to make it read whatever you want. >> reporter: the bar code contains the flight details and if you sign up for the tsas precheck traveler list, also the level of screening at the scanners. the precheck flyers don't need to remove their shoes, belts, or laptops which could allow for people to conceal their items. >> if they do this, someone who would go through the screening process could upgrade themsel
, but it's running emergency bus service today. and if you are heading north, amtrak service will be limited today between washington, new york, and boston. that's because crews are still repairing the damage caused by sandy. amtrak is telling passengers to make reservations by phone or online to avoid sold out trains and long lines at ticket counters. >>> today montgomery county council president will discuss pepco's response to hurricane sandy. roger verlander will meet with members of the media today at the county building in rockville. thousands lost electricity in the county as trees knocked over power lines after the storm. pepco is receiving generally high praise for its response to sandy, restoring power to everybody only a few days after the storm. >>> 6:06 is your time. 40 degrees. ahead, a tough one for the redskins and something you don't expect to hear from a head coach halfway through the season. [ earnest ] out of the blue one day, we were told to build a 30-foot stage. gathered the guys and we built that 30-foot stage, not knowing what it was for. just days la
. lisa. >> reporter: amtrak is booming and tomorrow will be the busiest day yesterday. last year 138,000 passengers crowded on board the day before thanksgiving. now, here in the northeast amtrak has even borrowed trains from canada to handle the crush. usually it relies on cars from new jersey's transit, but many of those were damaged by hurricane sandy, and that storm also means many of the commuter lines aren't up to speed. you should check the schedules online. and a bit of advice, get to the station at least 45 minutes early. bring your i.d., and if you're on one of those long distance line, well, come hungry. there will be a full thanksgiving menu on board. george? >> okay, lisa, thanks. >>> and as millions of americans at airports face those long security lines, we have news tonight about the threats that make those checks so critical. four men from southern california are under arrest charged with plotting to join al qaeda and kill americans. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre justice covers homeland security for us. good evening, pierre. >> reporter: good evening, geo
obama said new york was a top priority and promised help. amtrak plans to restore service and it is free to ride mass transit today. they are trying to get officials back running and most new jersey is skull shut down. environmentalists say the state may not want to rebuild because of more extreme weather but if they do build they should build behind more walls and 6 5,000 people are still in shelters. >>> a driver who hit two children in the crosswalk, the the accident happened while trick or treating. a 10-year-old and 40-year-old boy were taken to the hospital. it is unclear whether the driver will face charges. the meanwhile officials say a driver was killed after crashing a car on todd road last night. authorities have not said what caused that crash. >>> bart may have a solution for nasty problems. they are trying block wind rain and homeless people on escalators no word on when the protection plan will become reatty. >> definitely people need to be careful out there pam and brian. you can see it is raining out there and you will need some extra time for your mean -- travel and thi
:00 this afternoon. recruiters for many employers, lowe's and amtrak will be looking for veterans. they and their families are all invited to attend. >>> they are supposed to decide if a family oyster bay farm had to shut down. they are trying to operate and the farm is inside the point national sea shore. ken salazar to youred the farm last week. the business has no place inside a national preserve. >>> there are new concerns about safety for san jose state university. they are worried about out of state campus emergency phones. coming up, how bad the problem is and how bad they are responding. >>> it is a good time for how they will respond. the winning tickets was sold in arizona and missouri. this is video of the buying frenzy. tickets were selling at a rate of 130,000 a minute in the states that participate. california is not one of them but arizona is. people were crossing over to buy tickets in droves and don't worry, powerball could soon be headed here. the ink could be drying on the contract today. an agreement is expected to be finalized when the commission meets today a
for the president as he starts his second term. we will >> amtrak expanding service. by late tomorrow they intend to open three tunnels that provide access to and from penn station. those tunnels were flooded by the storm. having them open will allow expanded service north south and west of new york city. >> let's get a check of the weather with jacqui jeras. >> that is impacting new england, by getting better conditions here. we still have the cloudiness this morning. all the rain and snow is pretty much over with for us and new york city. a couple of sprinkles over on the eastern shore. that will be moving out sen. 42 at reagan national. 41 at dulles. we had a record yesterday. it was the lowest maximum temperature ever recorded. today no records expected. we will see maier morning shower. clearing skies in the afternoon. wind gusts 20-30 m.p.h.. our high between 50 and 55. >> we are starting off with a little activity. virginia, 66. eastbound 66 near the exit for 28 -- we will have more on that as crews arrive. in maryland, a box truck on its side. no. now 95 north of 32. -- northbound i-95 no
, the water did stop at charles theater. there was some thought it may go on to the amtrak train. that didn't happen as the raw sewage was able to come. the bus routes have been affected. pedestrian routes have been affected. were us right now is the department of public works. whether's the latest. where do we stand? >> we're working closely with bge to make sure we can address concerns that they have to protect the gas lines. you won't see real activity other than shutting the water down. so it's in the like the that in your home where you can turn the water off but you have to go pretty far away, especially with a main this far. >> with the -- with a process like this, you envision it will take weeks. >> i'm not going to put a time on it right now. it's another good example of our aging infrastructure. the mayor is very active with national governors in terms of being a lead are, pushing for infrastructure. stepping up the -- a pro active fashion. going from well under five miles now. that will be stepping up over a period of the next five years to where we will be doing 40 miles of main
time since hurricane sandy. you will be able to take an amtrak train to the city. providing a modified service on the northeast corridor between boston and d.c. via new york. passengers should make reservations and use the e- ticketing option as the repairs continue. >> news in prince george's county. a bonds hearing for a police officer charged with attempted murder. >> johnnie riley shot a suspect in the back as he was handcuffed and running away. more on the developing case. >> this is district heights police officer john reilly's mug shot. he tripped -- he turned himself into authorities after being charged with killing a fleeing suspect. >> in this case, we are not surprised by the indictment. it has been widely reported that mr. kyle was handcuffed and had been searched and was unarmed at the time of the shooting. >> sgt riley pulled kyle over on the suspicion of riding a stolen motorcycle back in september. kyle has an extensive arrest record and he was cuffed and put in a police cruiser. he somehow managed to get away. that is when riley fired three times, hitting kyle twice in
. nine out of 23 subway lines are down because of flooding. amtrak says they expect to have out of theing in and city again sen. we will have much more of the effort in a live report in a few minutes. mayor michael is an independent former republican says he backing the president because more environmentally driven and more concerned about possible climate change. president obama was back on the campaign trail today. >> it is going to be tight. is why when i call people actually say five and a 37 votes in 2000 made a difference. people do not think their difference, they might not go out. >> the president spent the day campaigning in wisconsin, colorado, and nevada. obama will host a campaign event in prince william county saturday afternoon. mitt romney spend the day in virginia. voters at a restaurant and a home business near roanoke. election day is five days away. >> now, we changed gears in excitement of music was the biggest night. came home with a trophy on what was a very exciting night there. autria has the excitement. h brad paisley opening up, might be hard to imagine the award
look at safety concerns and what happens when chevron fails to act. >> and if you ride amtrak's capital corridor train listen up. where the train will not be stopping for the next two weeks. >>> in tonight's special report we take a closer look at refineries in richmond. ktvu consumer editor tom vacar went through pages of refinery records and tells us what he learned about past complaints in a story you will see only on 2. >> reporter: was it a culmination of a long series of events. >> one of the things that went into a disaster is chevron kept running the system for two hours, they didn't want to take it offline. >> reporter: kerr senior scientist for communities of refineries say, look at a fight in the same refinery two years ago. >> this was caused by corrosion in a pipe. sound familiar? it was left in place for 20 years or more when it wasn't supposed to be. >> reporter: i obtained cal osha, mostly employee safety complaints going back 20 years. since a well petroleum expert told me chevron is -- encouraging workers to stop work on safety issues without fear of reprisal. to thes
the refill -- to refill the tanks when they're empty. >>> service along amtrak is slowly returning to normal along the northeast corridor but still no service to new york city. amtrak is attempting to have the service to the city restored by friday. the removal of water under the hudson and east rivers is continuing and any track repairs which may be needed are expected to happen today. a schedule for friday trains is also expected to be released later today. >>> there is an urgent call from the red cross for blood donations in the wake of the storm. about 300 blood drives were canceled because of sandy across the country. if you're interested in helping keep up supplies contact the american red cross. and sandy caused a lot of devastation and can there are people -- and there are people up can down the coast who northeast -- and down the coast who need help. here at wusa9 we're donating $1 for every one of you who "like" us on facebook. it's a quick and simple way for you to help out. >>> campaign 2012. back in full swing once again today after canceling events all week because of hurricane
justified. a person was struck and killed by an amtrak train that was in route to sacramento. the accident happened last night shortly before 7 at the intersection of 105th in eds ave. none of the 160 passengers were hurt. >> dozens of computers another crash on a stall in from san francisco elementary school monday night. the break-in at george washington called for elementary school occurred at 1:00 in the morning. neighbors are currently being interviewed to find out if they saw or heard anything. >> that is quite sad that they're taking from the kids. in this neighborhood we are ready struggle with other issues. >> that is really sad how could they do that. this is for the kids for their future. >> they're taking away the education for the to their future. they really need these computers. >> more than $40,000 in equipment was stolen. school officials said they will try to figure how replace it after thanksgiving break. oakland police arrested three suspects in connection with a string of cellphone robberies'. this is an and on the prime form for most of the year. a woman was robbed of
right now. >>> and getting to new york city by rail is still a challenge but amtrak is hoping to have three of its tunnels to new york's penn station back open by tonight. amtrak's goal is to restore all of its service and commuter rail in and out of the station by monday. >>> many of us here across the mid-atlantic are learning some pretty hard lessons after the superstorm. >> our own bruce leshan is living the nightmare, trying to rebuild after a tree nearly destroyed his home. he hopes it will help others. >> i'm learning a lot about how to come back after a huge tree nearly destroyed my home. and i'm hoping what i've learned is going to help some other people. a week ago i lived in a forest of tulip poplars. but all around the neighborhood now, the chainsaws are buzzing, the cranes are lifting the logs out of people's backyards. my neighbors are all scared that what happened to me -- might happen to them. and so they're taking out this tree now, later in the afternoon this one will come down. luckily my wife had decided to ride out the storm down in the basement because this was m
. everything back to normal by tuesday morning. >>> more than 160 passengers on an amtrak train headed to union station had to make part of the journey by bus. csx train derailed north of richmond tonight. amtrak had to stop train 66 at richmond's main street station. and transfert passengers to buses. passengers arrived at union station after 10:00 p.m. >>> hope you enjoyed the warm weather this weekend. some cold temperatures are on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell here to tell us how cold it is going to get. chuck? >> hey there, jim. good evening. everybody watching us lit tonight. has obviously been up through the football game. you saw the cold wind, rain, there in chicago. that is coming in our direction. it arrives here, not so much tomorrow. as we get into tomorrow night and tuesday. for now though, what a mild late night it is. by november standard. 53 now. at midnight in washington. 46 in leesburg. 58, hagerstown. within a few degrees of the high temperature. no ran to worry about. rain drops, closest t us, central and eastern indiana. and kentucky. they're making a slow
companies donating water. >>> amtrak service will be limited today between new york, washington, and boston because crews are still repairing the damage caused by sandy. amtrak is telling passengers to make reservations by phone or online to avoid sold out trains or long lines at the ticket counters. >>> meanwhile new york is preparing for tomorrow's election as well. generators on stand by at a warehouse in brooklyn. they'll be shipped out to the new york city board of elections. nearly 60 polling locations across the five boroughs had to be closed or moved because of sandy. >>> later this morning, montgomery county's council president will discuss pepco's response to sandy. he'll meet with members of the media today at the council office building in rockville. thousands were without power in the county following a massive storm. pepco is receiving generally high praise for its response to sandy restoring power to everyone only a few days after the storm. people in garrett county, maryland, are finally digging out after the storm. sandy dumped more than 30 inches of snow in that area. more
. jay gray, nbc news. >> word tonight from amtrak, service will be limited tomorrow between washington, new york and boston. amtrak telling passengers to make reservations by phone or on line to avoid sold out lines. crews repairing damage from the storm last week. chris christie says he appreciates all that president obama has done in the weak of hurricane sandy, but he still voting for mitt romney. the new jersey governor says his compliments of the president's handling of the hurricane do not equal an endorsement for a second term. christie endorsed romney a year ago and raised a lot of money in campaign for him across the country. he says romney is the pebest person to get the american economy moving again. >> new york is preparing and generators on stand by in brooklyn. over the next day shipped out to the new york city board of elections. nearly 60 polling locations across the five boroughs had to close or be moved because of superstorm sandy. when we come right back, stay with news 4 and nbc for the latest on hurricane sandy's impact. and remember, you can help st
a little heads up for amtrak riders in the wake of superstorm sandy. today, northeast regional trains will operate with reduced services between d.c., new york and boston. also acela service will resume. amtrak is urging riders to make reservations before heading to the station to avoid any sold- out trains and long lines at ticket offices. >>> in maryland, riders of the bus can expect to pay a little more beginning today. the far for the prince george's county public bus system is going up from $1 to $1.25. the county says the increase is needed due to the rising cost of the maintaining the buses. >>> a maryland man would led officers on a high-speed pursuit over the weekend is now facing several charges including assault and dui. teddy reagan junior was said to be driving faster than 100 miles per hour when a sheriff's deputy tried to pull him over. not only did he refuse to stop, deputies say i tried to ram a marked cruiser. two deputies opened fire on reagan's suv. he was finally stopped in charlotte hall and arrested. >>> coming up next, some high- tech buffs bat it would out in
in long lines. commuters are waiting in long lines for buses. amtrak will start running some trains in and out of new york city this morning. hundreds of workers with dominion virginia power and the american red cross are packing up and heading north. >> they will provide some relief to areas devastated by hurricane sandy. john gonzalez is live at national harbour. >> there is some movement out here in the parking lot of the gaylord hotel at the national harbour were these good men and women of dominion power got a good night's sleep after restoring over 300,000 homes in northern virginia and now they hit her again. 1500 workers will hit the road and head to new jersey where there are major power outages. we have the operations manager in charge of getting everyone on the road. tell me about the equipment in the parking lot. >> we've got about 75 vehicles here today. many of these people were working in northern virginia yesterday. they spent the night here at the national arbor to stage to go up to lakewood, new jersey to restore power. >> i understand this is the largest deploymen
people traveling on planes, but nine out of ten americans traveling on the road. amtrak, interestingly enough, we were looking at their figures from last year. they had about 720 people traveled last year. this year the numbers aren't out, but some factors. we were talking about superstorm sandy there with susan. some factors do impact travel with amtrak. we saw amtrak rails, a lot of the train lines in the middle east. they partner with a canadian rail system to make it easier for those traveling. >> the word of advice is pack your left joerz and pack your patience as well, maybe. >> get out there early too. >> no doubt. all right, nick. thank you very much. >> thank you. >>> members of congress are traveling back to washington. the senate is back tomorrow. the house is back on tuesday. the machinumber one issuing fac them all is the fiscal cliff, now just 31 days away. athena jones is live in washington this morning. we saw the president get involved before the holiday break. what is the plan in terms of meeting again with congressional leaders? >> reporter: good morning, randi. you
as well as amtrak situation. and there are fields running free shuttle from there as well. >> it's a showcase for cal's new stadium. retro fitted in a cost of $321 million. more than every improvement known to fan kind including permanent lights. we're conscious of the lights we're putting in and wanted to make sure they're limited in terms terms of spillage. so that way it lights the field not the neighborhood. >> for some students a friday night game is a new experience. >> game days always a lot of fun. so that is great. >> what do you think? >> it killwill make it more fun. >> saturday, everyone just wakes up. i see masses of people walking in. i don't know which i prefer, yet. >> it could go late into the night. >> they handed out 30,000 towels to inspire the team this, game is part of a new contract and cal will be playing again in 2014 or 2015. >> fun stuff, thank you very much. mayor ed lee tried out ping pong diplomacy today. he went head to head with the director of public works on a table tennis -- tennis table set up. this was to promote a city project aiming to add m
, five things you may want to know. amtrak plans to restore some serviced to following sandy. it's going to run trains between boston and connecticut and they're still trying to remove the water from the tunnels in new york city and trains are expected to have slow running limited service starting tomorrow. >>> in the wake of sandy, two wireless giants are coming together to help the victims of the storm. at&t and t-mobile will allow customers in the storm zone to make cals on either network without enduring any roaming charges. >>> senator barbara mccull ski she's touring the red cross disaster center station. workers and volunteers have been deployed to help those who are affected by the storm. today and tomorrow all fares on trains, subways and buses in new york city will be free. the governor wants to encourage people to take mass transit. the army corps of engineers is bringing in high speed pumps devices to help clear wate in the tuns. >>> the 2012 country music awards are tonight. brad paisley is co-hosting the store along with carrie underwood. it starts at 8:00. >>> you hate get
regional amtrak train to head up north. the plan to restore some service on friday to and from the york city. if i did schedule is expected to be released tomorrow. --a fight is scheduled is expected to be released ma. >> a group of baltimore paramedics is headed to new jersey to help out with the aftermath. >> they are part of a team from maryland requested to make the trip. kai reed there as they packed up for deployment. >> paramedic is the impact of for an assignment but this one is a little different. >> you are anxious but accokeek does want to get there and it started. >> she and four other baltimore city paramedic will have to abandon county, new jersey thursday morning -- to atlantic county, new jersey, thursday morning. >> straps, extra tabs. >> they have seen the devastating pictures and the 911 calls for service are overwhelming first responders. what a lot of flood and wind damage. people are uprooted and hopefully we will be able to step in and help people. >> it is heart wrenching watching people's cars, their whole neighborhoods, their houses. i cannot imagine being it a
as today by an amtrak train. investigators say the accident happened last night shortly before 7 live the intersection of 105th aid '80s ave. none of the under 60 passengers were injured. >> police say that alan debalina was shot and killed by palms springs police back on november 13th. he hit an officer with the car and refuse to stop. his family lives in fremont they do not believe the police restored. they said the veteran who does return from afghanistan is being tried as a criminal. the father says he is pursuing legal action against palm springs police bomb. >> he was murdered. and on arm rate being murdered by to trigger happy policeman. we want justice for that. they need to face the murder that was committed. >> candles were lit and people can side the mortuary and walk plpast his flag draped casket. >> we will take a break it is 4:22. will give you a look at the golden gate bridge. a lot of rain falling overnight. heavy at times. will find out how much longer the rain will last. a large fire near a nasa assembly facility in new orleans kept crews busy. the production crew wa
are expected to drive. millions of people will be riding the rails today, amtrak adding extra trains on its most crowded corridors borrowing some from canada to handle the holiday crush. problems linger from hurricane sandy including a shortage of rental cars in the northeast the few left are going for hundreds of dollars a day. rob nelson, abc news, new york. >>> 26-year-old murder suspect scheduled to be in court today in san jose believed to be involved in a violent crime spree. jonathan wilbanks was arrested last friday an officer suffered minor injuries in a shootout. wilbanks and another suspect still on the loose are suspected of killing a 22-year-old during an attempted carjacking. wilbanks is being held without bail. $20,000 reward offered for the capture of his accomplice. >>> in a few hours ken salazar will visit an oyster farm. next week he is expected to announce a decision on whether to allow the company to continue operating there. the lease which allows the company to grow and harvest oysters is set to expire the end of the minute. park service claims the farm is harming the
holiday. some people hope to avoid the crush by taking the train. amtrak does expect many more passengers than normal. beginning today, it is adding extra trains with san joaquin. >> pacific, and capital corridor to handle the increased ridership over the week. >>> the rain is easing up this noontime after scattered downpours overnight. this is a live picture showing a mixture of clouds and blue skies over the bay area. you may still find slick and wet spots on surface freeways and you should still give your time on extra roads to avoid incidents like that. a driver lost control on 880 on broadway this morning. no one was hurt. the rain also caused flooding in the bay area. this is the broadway offramp on 580 in oakland. the chp says about 5 inches of water built up, causing a dangerous situation for drivers. >>> well, the heavy rain has moved out of the area. the rates really ramped up. right now we have a mixture of sun and clouds out there. some partly cloudy observations across parts of the region. as far as the numbers for rainfall totals, very impressive. look at san francisco. just
will start at amtrak train station in fullerton in southern california and would end up in downtown las vegas. the ceo of the venture has struck an agreement with union pacific to run the train on its lines. the hope is the first train will hit the tracks on new year's eve 2013. tickets for the adults only train would cost $99 each way. >>> medically clear, but not starting. the quarterback controversy continues. alex smith has been cleared after concussion testing. according to a team source, the plan is to start colin kaepernick on sunday against the new orleans saints. earlier this week, there were reports that head coach jim harbaugh that kaepernick would get the nod on sunday. yesterday, the team insisted that no such decision had been made. they would make the call if and when smith was cleared by a doctor. we shall see. >>> a pair of bay area teens will get invites to a bowl game this season. san jose state is on track for the first bowl appearance since 2006. they could have a pick both according to the college hotline. they could end up from the hawaii bowl to the military bowl in d.
derailed just north of richmond after 9:00 last night. amtrak had to stop train 66 at richmond's main street station and transfer passengers to buses. passengers arrived at union station by bus after 10:00 p.m. >>> today the head of montgomery county public schools will share his vision for the future of the county school system. school superintendent joshua starr will deliver his first state of the schools address. he's calling it building the future together. starr has had a little more than a year to assess the school system. he's now in the middle of his second school year on the job. >>> nearly 300 janitors at walter reed national military center in bethesda say they haven't been paid in two weeks. the union that represents the janitors says it's filed a complaint against federal contractor fscat enterprises. the union claims it hasn't been paid by the government. the union also says the janitors have been reluctant to strike because of the patients at the hospital. >>> a curious cat in bowie, maryland, came close to losing one of her nine lives after spending days on top of a ut
with information about this case to give them a call. >> an amtrak train that was heading to the distribute is on hold because of a csx train derailment. our news partners have learned the train derailed just north of richmond. passengers on board train 66 will be bused to their final destinations which for some include union station. >> more than a week has passed since sandy hit the new york-new jersey area. an update on when power could be restored to thousands of people on long island. >> take a look at this video. a number of indianapolis houses destroyed in an explosion. why investigators may be changing their minds on what may be the cause. >> and why this may lose their homes for refusing to pay were you eating smoked sausage in here? no! could have gotten me one. i did. try the unmistakable flavor of dunkin' donuts smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. hurry in today. america runs on dunkin'. >> more than 50,000 customers are still without power tonight on long island in new york and those people lost power after sandy only to get it back aga
to normal after hurricane sandy. the airline and amtrak cleared out much of the backlog of strand travelers. storm cost airlines about 100 million dollars. and suzuki is giving up on the u.s. auto market and they are filing for bank suptry and auto maker will no longer sell cars here instead it will focus on motorcycles alter rain vehicles and and highser bush wants images of the budweiser beer release -- taken out of the film flight. the character drinks vodka and beer and that distributor is upset. that's america's money. >>> it's -- are's watching the station at that -- you're watching the station that works for you now good morning maryland. >>> back in business. a popular mount washington watering hole opening its doors after fire almost closed them for good. >> talk about home protections. police may a bizarre discovery during a drug bust. we will tell you what they found crawling around inside a suspended drug dealer's home. and we will show you the pictures. >> scary but an interesting story. >> he is a watchdog. >> when you have an alligator. it's tuesday morning election day i am
airport reopened today, but still has numerous cancellations. amtrak announced numerous service and regional service will resume tomorrow between boston and washington, d.c. subway trains were not running south of midtown or out to midtown. greyhound and put bus are running nearly normal schedules. -- bolten bus are running at nearly normal schedules. go to getting in and around western maryland is really proving to be treacherous because of the snowfall. garrettalley toured county today. the governor says his main concern is getting help to senior citizens, the sick and disabled. fema has moved its headquarters out west. bge reports that more than 90 acres -- 90% of customers have had their power restored -- 98% of customers that have their power restored. the highest concentrations of outages are in baltimore county. >> to be zero separate water main breaks in northeast baltimore -- two separate water main breaks in northeast baltimore had crews very busy. >> how long are they thinking traffic is going to be impacted? >> it is still not clear. public works official
$2 from every bottle of won't know sold this month to help victims. >> amtrak is still trying to get up to speed. trains with reduced frequency on the northeast corridor including aksel la and northeast between boston, new york city and d.c. trains to and from new york city are subject to delay while repairs continue. to avoid long lines and sold out trains make reservations and pay in advance. abc is dedicating today as a day of giving to raise minute for victims of sandy. doing its part to help we will donate a dollar to the red cross for every person who likes our faculty page g. to to help out. >> katie couric one of several taking part. she will be on "good morning america" and you can look for more on the effort on her show that airs at 4:00 here. >> it is 4:36. wall street on the sidelines on the election. with more on that and a preview of the trading day we go to new york. >> good morning. stock futures quiet at the moment. a lot of it is the big story of the week with such a close race the election. as president obama and mitt romn
to and from new york today. it will be the first day you can travel to the city via train. amtrak express and northeast regional will run modified service between boston new york and dc and there may be delays while repairs continue. >>> sandy destroyed major landmarks. >> we have seen pictures of the damage in seaside heights. do you know what it looked like before the storm? we will show you the difference coming up. >> and he was shot in the lower back during a fort hood massacre and three years later he is honoring his fellow victims. his amazing journey ahead. >>> and well col back on this friday morning. -- welcome back on this friday morning. i want to show you interesting photos of this on abc not abc2 but the network abc news. i want to flip over right there at the very right-hand side of the screen. we have got it here for you. let me draw that up quickly. my apologies for that. abc on the right-hand side see right here. sandy, before and after and whatnoaa and google did came together with aerial images showing you the before and after scenes of some of the h
. >>> travel expected to resume in new york today. amtrak is going to begin limited service. more subways and transit will be up and running and crews came in yesterday and pumped more water out of so many stations. the carpool restriction will stay in effect today so cars have to have three people inthem to drive archbishop the area. work to re-- drive around the area. work to remove the danglingcrane could start today. plan calls for a worker to rotate it using a a hand crank and cables would be used to secure it to a base and bring it down. later it would be lowered to the ground. it snapped on monday in sandied's high wind and it's -- sandied's -- sandy's high winds and is 90 stores above the street. >>> two former penn state administrators are set to be arraigned today. gary schultz and tim curley faces perjury and obstruction of justice cars in connection to the penn state sex abuse scandal. >>> we gain an hour of sleep this weekend. the purpose is to save energy costs and the practice has been praised and criticized. arizona and hawaii don't take part. >>> vacant homes are coming d
basic services restored. amtrak announced that service washington to boston will resume. fewer trains will run. most subway service will be back up and running. some runners still ran today, others deliver supplies to victims in staten island. help hurricaneto victims, the owners of restaurants are donating 20% of sales to the red cross. the d.c. restaurant group eat and is also helping out donating two dollars for every month of wine sold this help hurricane victims. the department of fire and managementemergency r from you.a the information will be passed along to state agencies and it mean federal help to pay damage if athe major disaster is declared. like seeing the near we could see some rain this week. >> hi, steve. nor'easterntial of a by the middle of the week, in meantime, we're dealing with to themperatures hours and waking up a freezemorning with warning for parts of the area. .9 degrees at dulles. warning fromeze frederick, montgomery, loudoun, the south and west. it does not include the district or southern maryland. wycombe tomorrow morning, a definite chill in the air.
that run through new york city out. getting amtrak service so they are able to connect boston to the southern part of the east coast and the new jersey transit system getting a few trains back online. a lot of work to get through and hope there is that they will be back online by monday. >> city fighting hard. >>> let's check the forecast. tom kiran, a chilly start to our day, tom. >> thankfully, dry weather since yesterday afternoon and evening to help our recovery, locally, clearing up trees and dealing with the aftermath of sandy here. there is the washington monument. mostly clear skies in washington. the past full moon there and to the right, the right is the planet jupiter. a few clouds elsewhere, floating from the north and west. chilly 42 at reagan national. got a bit of a breeze, 5 to 10 miles an hour. winds increase as the day progresses, and the last several hours, a few clouds south of washington and north, but not producing sprinkles like yesterday morning. in western maryland, yes, one snow shower in eastern garrett county. still recovering, many people out there
and a lack of electricity to power the pumps. >>> in the last two hours, amtrak announced that they are starting to restore limited service between new york and philadelphia. today, the rail service, they did say that they had cleared the water from one of its tunnels under the hudson river. clearing the water and debris from the new jersey coastline could be a whole different matter. and sarah shuckman filed this report from long island. >> reporter: the new jersey national guard drove us inside. here on long beach island, the center of super storm sandy's landfall. more than 100 troops are holding the peace and holding up those who stayed behind. >> you're scared because you don't know exactly what's happening here. >> reporter: and we probably won't for a few more days while the lights are dark, the shops closed up, and no one is moving in or out. nothing seems to be in its rightful place. >> most of the boats in the water did better than the ones out of the. >> reporter: kurt davis ignored evacuation orders in an attempt to protect his home and farm market business. it
the death of a pedestrian that was hit and killed by an amtrak train. it happened last night at 105th and eves. now the train was heading from sacramento to san jose. 160 people were on that train. no one else was hurt. >>> uc berkeley is out thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment after the latest burglary on campus. someone broke into a locked lab. the suspect stole ten apple computers. computers were also stolen from three other buildings earlier this summer but some of that equipment was later recovered. >>> a new survey has encouraging news for staff at one east bay high school. coming up at 5:05 where reports of weapons and drug and alcohol use has fallen significantly in the last few years. >>> san francisco fight fears say they and their familiesover time policy. both can be told they have to work extra hours with very little notice. last night gibbs told a special fire commission meeting the policy is creating a lot of stress and says she is always preparing for the unexpected. >> i put my kids to bed then i have to cook an entire thanksgiving dinner for 13 people be
b.a.r.t. station and amtrak station. cal playing the washington huskies. kickoff is at 6:00 p.m. >> pretty cool, friday night lights. >> it looks really, really nice. >>> 4:42 right now. big news expected from washington just over an hour from right now. why it could be a make-or-break moment on the campaign trail. >>> plus it is already on sale halfway around the world. the coveted apple ipad mini. >> breath taking. >> we're going to show you what bay area stores are doing today in preparation for sales. >>> welcome back, everyone. a good friday morning to you. looking forward to the weekend. i think a nice weekend upon us. >> a nice weekend. you know why? we get to sleep in an additional hour. >> love it. >> i know. i can't say that enough. everybody always perks up. we get to sleep in another hour on sunday. if you're with us right now, chances are you are an early morning riser so we need it the most, don't we? 4:45 now. takinge ing ing a live look at . we'll have an update on the lockout coming up. the bay bridge looks good. we're expecting the winds to pick up throughout
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